Sunday, 1 July 2012

It's been a while since I stopped writing...I miss writing for it stirs up the passion that's been hiding in my veins. It voices out the melancholy of thy soul...


My dear, I knew from the start, this would happen.
I knew from the beginning, you'll have to go your own way.
It had been whispered in my lobes that I should be braced,
For your settling in would be temporary and my heart would be filled with agony.

At first, my only wish is that you'd let me into your world
and let me prove that SOMEONE, in my entity, really cares for you.
My love is unconditional, I knew it from the start.
There's this feeling that I am born for you and a hope that you are born for me.

My dear, can't you hear my heart calling?
Why do you keep on heeding your warnings?
Am I not worth keeping?
Why did you keep me from falling?
In a jiffy, you and I collided,
Like a star my love exploded.
You made me believe dreams do come true,
That God is good too.

But now you've lost your appetite too,
and without much ado you'd left me too.
Waves set in, thunder roared, glasses broke,
My voice can no longer be heard.
I'm lost... I'm doomed... I've fallen apart...
My love, my love had been torn into pieces.
Left me bleeding, memoirs keep on reminiscing...
Can you tell me where in the world could I live in
without having been reminded of this excruciating feeling?

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