Thursday, 10 November 2011

How to Write an Article for Your School Newspaper-from wikiHow

Do you want to write for the school paper?  If you would like to begin or join a newspaper club at your school, then please read on.


  1. Join the journalism class or newspaper club. If there isn't one, talk to the appropriate authorities about starting one.
  2. Find out what is going on at your school. Are there any special events coming up? Any big changes planned? What school issues do your classmates care about? Go around the school and look for interesting events. Some students might be graduating early, some might be starting a school club, others can be selling candy, key-chains, or school spirit buttons. You never know what might be interesting to the students and teachers!
    • Remember that your job for the school is very important and it should be taken responsibly. That means that you can't write stupid articles about two of the students dating or breaking up just because it is the only thing interesting. The people in the article will deny the claim, and you'll get fired for writing deceitful articles about two students a lot of the other students probably don't even know. You can, however, write articles about a student getting suspended or expelled, because it probably would be true. Although, it will not always be true, probably just a rumor that some jerk started spreading around the school.
  3. Interview the people involved, such as classmates, teachers and other school faculty.
  4. Write your article in a way that your target audience will understand.
  5. When you're putting together your newspaper, add color and pictures.


  • Think of articles that are interesting. Nobody will want to read a newspaper filled with boring things!
  • Try having opinion pieces in your paper.
  • Think of a cool title name for your article. This will draw the reader into the article.
  • Have fun with it. Writing will be easier if you have fun and adventure with the aspect of the press.
  • You can include the week's lunch menu! Some people are actually intrigued by lunch menus, and will make everybody anticipate Taco day! Lunch menus are important to know when you're writing a school newspaper. Remember to include lunch prices for those who don't get free lunch.


  • Make sure to not offend anyone with your articles!
  • Don't try too hard when you write; in the end, it just looks bad.

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